Sunday, January 20, 2013

Page views and excuses

This blog has been viewed over 1000 times! And only about 500 of those views were me admiring the midgets and my stellar photography.

Um, yeah, I haven't posted any photo bombs for the last three days but I have a really good excuse/s!

On Friday (18 Jan) I went to see Skyfall with The Man, and on my way home, the tyre on the car exploded. BOOM! This was after I almost hit a kangaroo (bloody kangaroos) that was sitting by the side of the road. So braking not to hit Skippy probably shortened the life of my tyre, and then it just died at the top of View Street Bendigo, so then me and The Man were emptying out the boot, trying to get the spare tyre out, and the jack, and the tyre iron, changing the tyre and getting home at 2am, and by then I was over even staying awake so I went to bed.

Then yesterday (19 Jan) we went down to Melbourne for my brother's birthday, bought The Man some Kevlar jeans, went to see what used to be my primary school and is now just a whole lot of nothing and then made him drive along Main Street, Northcote with Celine Dion pumping, and ended up at the hospital to visit The Man's grandpa, and we got home at 11:30 and POW! I crashed out again.

Today I've just been lazy and figured I'd wait until night time to sort out three days worth of pictures.

Javier Bardem as he is meant to look.
And so here I am. I've taken all the photos I am meant to take, and now I am perched on the couch watching Masterchef Professionals and the tennis, and ready to edit and post up photos so if you check this blog semi-regularly (maybe you are the person responsible for the other 500 page views?) you will see three posts appear in very quick succession, BAM! BAM! BAM!

Yeah, and in other news, saw Skyfall, my second ever Bond film (James Bond, not the modern classical violin music group). I thought the actual Skyfall (trying not to ruin it for anyone who's not seen the movie yet) was the most depressing thing I've ever seen. And Javier Bardem was the most unsettling looking person and really, if he was in the real world, with his appearance, how did he ever succeed in his career prior to what he was doing in the movie?

Obscure and non-movie-wrecky enough?

But enough faffing about, I am sorting out these photos so I can play Criminal Case on Facebook and then go to bed because that's how I roll on a Sunday night.

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